4 Ways to Build Great Relationships With IT Buyers

Posted by Richard Sharp on February 13, 2018

Let’s face it – before you can land and expand, you’ve got to understand. This means doing the upfront research about the account you’re selling to and the contacts you’re speaking with before you go about aggressive outreach.

And even with a sea of databases, outside research and analyst reports available, it is difficult to discern exactly what’s most important.

Too often sellers charge head-first into a high-stakes sales effort without having insights into what the actual buyers within that organization want or need.

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Emissaries Speak: Winning Over the Global Enterprise

Posted by David Reich on November 9, 2017

Globalization is a challenge facing all IT organizations - from startups to multinational corporations doing billions of dollars in revenue. If a vendor is looking to partner with a corporation doing business internationally (like Johnson & Johnson), they need a different approach than the typical IT sell.  

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