Meet Our Emissary of the Month: Thomas Martin

Posted by Chris Ceballos on August 17, 2018

This month, we caught up with Thomas Martin, former CIO of GE Oil & Gas and VP of application transformation at GE Digital, to learn a little more about a career that began in the trenches as an engineer servicing nuclear reactors and ended as an IT leader at one of the world's largest organizations.

Here he shares some of the wisdom he's accrued over the years and how sales teams can more effectively sell into enterprise organizations.

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Meet our Emissary of the Month: Jim Fortner

Posted by Chris Ceballos on July 16, 2018

When you wake up in the morning and go to work, who do you talk to? That's the question our July Emissary of the Month, Jim Fortner, puts to CIOs looking for an edge. And after 28 years at Procter and Gamble (P&G), including stints as CTO and CIO, he’s built an impressive career by talking—talking to IT, talking to business leaders, and encouraging conversations between them to build the kind of cross-functional cohesion that businesses need to succeed in the digital age.

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What is an Emissary?

Posted by Nathan Gardner on June 27, 2018

At Emissary, we believe in people.

It has always been our belief that the value of human knowledge is a powerful resource, and that it is a rarely-mined resource in the marketplace. We have sought to bridge the gap between those who are seeking knowledge and those who possess it. In the words of our founder, David Hammer, “Our mission has always been the same: to connect people with valuable knowledge to the organizations who will benefit from that knowledge.”

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Meet our Emissary of the Month: Eric Toda

Posted by Chris Ceballos on May 31, 2018

Source: Curalate

Eric Toda, former global head of social marketing and editorial content at Airbnb, is our Emissary of the Month for May. Eric recently took some time to sit down with us to discuss his work with Emissary, the biggest mistakes he's seen sales teams make, and the secret to success and happiness in both work and life.


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Introducing our Debut Emissary of the Month: Ginnie Roeglin

Posted by Chris Ceballos on April 27, 2018


This April, we selected former Costco SVP of e-Commerce, Ginnie Roeglin, as our Emissary of the Month. As a former marketing executive at one of the hardest and most desirable organizations to sell into, Ginnie has been an invaluable resource in arming our clients with the tools they need to sell successfully.

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