Why the Road to Closed-Won Starts With Smart Pricing

Posted by Chris Ceballos on July 9, 2018


In the past, our leading IT-buying Emissaries have told you why you should stop freaking out about pricing, discounts, and trials. But with so much riding on a subject as delicate as pricing, we knew there was more to say. This time around, some of our most sought-after Emissaries tell you how you can set expectations to make these discussions easier and smooth your path to closed-won.

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Three Reasons Your Buyers Are Swiping Left

Posted by Cyrus Woolard on June 25, 2018


Enterprise sales isn't Tinder. Instead of a series of short-term flings, the name of the game is building long-term relationships. And as Dr. Phil, Oprah, Delilah, and just about every other self-styled relationship guru has told us, doing so requires communication and trust. That takes time and commitment—and that doesn't happen overnight.

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3 Atrocious Sales Pitches (Plus a Great One)

Posted by Chris Ceballos on June 12, 2018


Like 50 Cent's legendarily off-target first pitch, a bad sales pitch isn't something you'll live down easily. It's going to close the door on that client for your company for years to come. It's also going to live in the stakeholders' memories well after they move on to other organizations.And if it's bad enough, they're probably going to laugh at you. Sure, a lack of consensus or the inability to navigate procurement effectively can derail a deal—as can any number of other factors—but nothing's quite as critical as nailing that first touchpoint. 

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How to Avoid Epic IT Sales Pitch Fails

Posted by Cyrus Woolard on May 14, 2018

Have you ever followed up with a prospect, only to be told that they're passing on your solution based on abstractions like "lack of cultural fit" or "lack of team alignment"? Huh? What gives?

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How to Keep Procurement from Derailing Your Deal

Posted by Jason Compton on May 10, 2018


Tired of waiting for updates from procurement? We feel you. It's probably the hardest part of the sales process, and you have limited visibility into what's actually happening. But there's a pervasive misconception among sales teams that once a deal reaches the procurement stage, it's out of the salesperson's hands—but that's not the case at all.

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Closing the Deal Doesn't Mean Your Job's Done

Posted by Chris Ceballos on May 7, 2018


At long last, you closed the deal. You fist-bumped your buddy and added it to your quarterly totals. Time to ride off into the sunset and let the accounts team handle the rest. After all, your job is getting ink on paper, right?

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How to Build a Relationship with an Internal Advocate

Posted by Chris Ceballos on April 19, 2018


All your meetings have gone well. Everyone you talked to at your buyer's organization was really engaged. You asked good questions, and they gave great feedback. They really seemed to grasp how your particular solution could help their business.

But you didn't get the deal. There were lingering compatibility questions that your tech team took ages to address, and during that time, another vendor swooped in and won the business. But even if your tech team had moved faster, you wouldn't have won the deal. In fact, you were never going to win the deal for one simple reason: You didn't have an an internal advocate to carry the deal across the goal line.

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IT Sales has a Targeting Problem. Here's How to Fix It.

Posted by Jason Compton on April 18, 2018


With more than 15 people, on average, involved in enterprise IT purchases, Iarge and complex B2B buying centers can feel like minefields to salespeople today. Decisions get made by committee. There are an ever-increasing number of people in the room, representing 3.4 different functions on average—and each of them have their own priorities. Is it any wonder, in this context, that "save money"and "avoid risk" would become watchwords?

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What MarTech Buyers Really Want from a Sales Pitch

Posted by Chris Ceballos on April 10, 2018

"Thanks for your time, but I don't think it's a fit for us."


Why would your hottest prospect turn you down so quickly after your first meeting? You crushed it. You killed it. You knocked it out of the park. Your pre-sales research was solid, your deck was on-point, and your delivery was flawless. On top of all that, they seemed really into your solution. So what went wrong?

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You're Not Doing Enough Pre-Sales Research. Here's Why.

Posted by Chris Ceballos on April 5, 2018


This is it: your big enterprise sales pitch. You've spent hours crafting the slickest, most polished sales deck the world has ever seen.

You've got your best suit pressed and your shoes shined. Now it's time to present, and you've totally got this. You're a flew slides in, and everything seems to be going well until a senior stakeholder interrupts with a question:

"Does it integrate with Oracle?" Your answer, unfortunately, is "no."

"Oh," the stakeholder says. "If it doesn't integrate with Oracle, we can't use it."

All of the time and effort you put in — and all the money your company spent to get you out there — just went down the drain. You lost a major opportunity for good, and all because you didn't do the one most important thing when prepping a pitch: your homework.

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Enterprise IT Sales: Identifying the Real Decision Maker

Posted by Richard Sharp on March 5, 2018

Emissary Founder David Hammer recently told a story about a client who had spent 9 months on a six-figure deal, and couldn’t understand what had gone wrong.

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4 Ways to Build Great Relationships With IT Buyers

Posted by Richard Sharp on February 13, 2018

Let’s face it – before you can land and expand, you’ve got to understand. This means doing the upfront research about the account you’re selling to and the contacts you’re speaking with before you go about aggressive outreach.

And even with a sea of databases, outside research and analyst reports available, it is difficult to discern exactly what’s most important.

Too often sellers charge head-first into a high-stakes sales effort without having insights into what the actual buyers within that organization want or need.

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Emissaries Speak: Winning Over the Global Enterprise

Posted by David Reich on November 9, 2017

Globalization is a challenge facing all IT organizations - from startups to multinational corporations doing billions of dollars in revenue. If a vendor is looking to partner with a corporation doing business internationally (like Johnson & Johnson), they need a different approach than the typical IT sell.  

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