The Emissary Files: Former Executive Director of Digital Marketing, Verizon

Posted by Kelsey McGillis on August 22, 2017

“The Emissary Files” features Emissaries in our network, providing insight into their experience and businesses they have helped sell smarter, close faster, and win more.

Introducing Beth Renninger: Former Executive Director of Digital Marketing at Verizon

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What is your favorite part of being an Emissary?

Being a digital marketing junkie, I’m always keeping an eye out for what’s next. I love disruption and innovation, and these companies I work with are the ones moving the ball forward. These engagements keep my skills and knowledge fresh.


What was the best advice you gave to a company that impacted their deal?

I worked with one client who’d been trying to sell to Verizon for months. He’d spent that time trying to comprehend developments in Verizon’s overall business strategy. I was able to help him understand the business context.  We developed some action items for him that I believed would add value for Verizon. He said the hour we spent on the phone was the most helpful he’s had since he’s been on the account.


He said the hour we spent on the phone was the most helpful he’s had since he’s been on the account.


What should every seller do when using Emissary?

Often, clients come in with only a sales pitch for review. I try to get them to back up a few steps, tell me more about the product, how it differs from what else is on the market and why they believe it will benefit Verizon. When I have that information I can help them understand the prospect’s business and environment, and how to refine their story so it will break through and is relevant for the Verizon team.

Why did you become an Emissary? 

In running digital channels at Verizon, I worked closely with small startups, and was constantly on the lookout for new ideas. As I worked with some of these firms, I also mentored them, and I found that rewarding and mutually beneficial.

When I left Verizon, I knew I wanted to teach in higher education, and also continue that mentoring work. I spent time looking at different models, and the Emissary approach intrigued me. I look at my work with Emissary as a way of exploring platforms, processes and ideas which can add value for Verizon or other large enterprises if the story is told in a compelling, relevant way.  

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