Inside Look: Uncovering the Right Use Case for NBCUniversal

Posted by Kelsey McGillis on March 24, 2017

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The Challenge

A data management software firm was looking to expand across NBCUniversal’s portfolio of television brands. But without knowledge of the right use case for their solution, there was no way to gain traction with the network.

Their sales reps could have gone in blind, made a generic pitch to a high-level executive and waited, fingers crossed, to see if something stuck. But instead, they turned to Emissary Amy Shriber, a former solutions architect at NBCUniversal.


The Solution

Shriber saw how their software solved a real problem in NBCUniversal’s data management system. As a former product strategy lead, she had led several data management initiatives that were still in incubation.


"They're lucky they found me. I had three different projects that were put on hold that the data management company would have been able to solve. There wasn't anyone else who knew how everything connected.


- Amy Shriber, Former Solutions Architect

She had the exact experience the vendor needed: her tacit knowledge of their data management systems helped them understand specific data pain points and potential solutions.

But she delivered even more.

Shriber helped them navigate inside a complex, matrixed IT organization to understand the decision makers they needed to impress, giving their reps a map to not only where they should focus their efforts, but who to talk to.


All these major entertainment industries are very different. NBCUniversal is very different from Viacom, from ABC, etc. I would imagine as a salesperson, it's very hard to step in and really know which way to go.


With Shriber’s insights, the sellers had a clear path to success - they knew who to talk to and how to craft a pitch that resonated. And on the other side of the table, NBCUniversal found a partner who could finally solve a key strategic issue.


The Result

Leveraging the information Shriber provided, the data management software sales team approached NBCUniversal with a honed pitch that spoke directly to the company’s several incubating data initiatives.

Her advice made it easy for the company to identify the right decision makers and ultimately land a large six-figure, three-year contract with the network.

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