Inside Look: Navigating an Enterprise Deal at Neiman Marcus

Posted by Kelsey McGillis on May 16, 2017

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The Challenge

One data analytics company kept getting stalled in the sales cycle at Neiman Marcus, and needed to jumpstart the deal.

To get back on track, they turned to Emissary Don Rouze, Neiman Marcus’ former VP of Information Services.

The Solution

As a leader in data warehousing application and infrastructure at Neiman Marcus for over 20 years, Rouze had unique insight into the software needs and power structure of the organization.

Rouze knew that with the right entrance strategy and solution positioning, the data management firm could solve a real data pain for the retailer. With their sales team, Rouze developed a two-pronged strategy to help them close the deal:

Before they got in front of certain stakeholders, I'd tell them 'this person may tell you that they have all the authority, but trust me, they don't.


Find the right people

First, he named two key decision makers that would make or break their deal. One person, in particular, would be crucial to connect with before the in-person meeting because, as the sign-off person, she liked to speak with the potential vendor before walking into the room.


Solve the right pain point

Once they were in front of the right people, they needed to prove the business case and provide materials to potential champions within the organization. He worked with the sellers to shift their messaging to speak to a specific pain point for Neiman Marcus’ data and marketing teams in a way that would position the firm as the only solution to this pain. 

Their meetings would follow our conversations so closely , they would come back and ask me if I had a crystal ball.


The Result

With the right contacts and organizational information Rouze provided, Reltio pitched Neiman Marcus a solution that solved their issues.

As a result, they landed a six-figure, one-year contract that satisfied Neiman Marcus’ needs and established a lucrative relationship for the data management firm.

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