Infographic: 7 Reasons to Know Your Buyer Better This Summer

Posted by Kelsey McGillis on July 13, 2017

4th of July is over, summer is in full swing -- how are you going to hit your goal with the year already halfway over?

According to a Forrester study, while reps claim their meeting preparedness merits a “B” grade on average, C-level buyers rate them an “F.” So instead of spending the summer poolside, get to work on really knowing your Q4 target accounts — and we don’t mean their org chart and tech stack.

This infographic has 7 stats that will bring you back to reality from your Summer Friday mentality, and ready to get going in prep for Q4.




What now?

Now that these stats have whipped you into shape, how do you start actually knowing your buyer better? 

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Topics: Sales Intelligence