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The Executive Gig Economy

Posted by Nathan Gardner on August 30, 2018

The digital age has radically altered the employment landscape. The once standard 9 to 5 routine is going the way of the dinosaur. If you're a dog lover, or social media aficionado, or just really good at putting together Ikea furniture, there's a side hustle for you.

But what if you, a current CTO, spent the last 30 years building your career? What if you've recently left a lofty leadership position and aren't hungry for a new full-time gig, or are considering retirement but know you have more to offer? Is there a side hustle for proven leaders?

What would the "gig economy" look like for executives? We have a hunch. Read on. 

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What is an Emissary?

Posted by Nathan Gardner on June 27, 2018

At Emissary, we believe in people.

It has always been our belief that the value of human knowledge is a powerful resource, and that it is a rarely-mined resource in the marketplace. We have sought to bridge the gap between those who are seeking knowledge and those who possess it. In the words of our founder, David Hammer, “Our mission has always been the same: to connect people with valuable knowledge to the organizations who will benefit from that knowledge.”

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Emissary Tricks & Tips

Posted by Nathan Gardner on June 1, 2018

Working as an Emissary is uncharted territory.

Each Emissary is different, and there is no one size fits all approach to maximizing your opportunities on the Emissary platform. So how do you get those important but non-essential questions answered as you go from engagement to engagement? With whom can you compare notes about your work as an Emissary? 

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